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Explore the business opportunity of strategic BPO software and service in the cloud. 

WIZEX offers a modular set of enterprise applications and services designed to be cloud-ready and seamlessly integrate into different environments. Alternatively, you can build your own custom apps and services to work with WIZEX customers in the public cloud — or you can use them on your own corporate WIZEX platform. Enterprise-grade cloud apps grant all the benefits of an advanced cloud environment: more power, cutting-edge software technology, more confidence and more choices. 


You choose your operating model for WIZEX. WIZEX offers standard and custom solutions for even the most demanding application needs in ECM, BPM and customer service within a leading, trusted online environment for your internal and external resources. 


Introducing a unique capture-enabled platform for BPM: Simply connect internal and external staff to WIZEX. No switching between media, no delays and total flexibility and quality control.
About you

About you


Whether you are an end user, integration partner, software vendor or service provider, WIZEX is the multichannel capture and service platform for any of these roles. Add text classification and data extraction functionality directly to your existing applications and processes. 

  • WIZEX Cloud Customer: Are you looking for a solution for automating the processing of email, documents or Web content? WIZEX adds text analytics and content extraction capabilities to your text-based business workflows, without the need to change your existing onsite infrastructure. 
  • WIZEX Cloud Partner: Does your company provide software technology, consulting, integration or scanning services for multichannel capture? Do you provide BPO services for call centers and back offices? Enhance your existing customer sites through WIZEX or bring your own Java apps into the cloud to add value to your BPM.   
  • WIZEX Cloud Owner: Large organizations and BPM outsourcers provide their own OEM-branded platform in a corporate cloud to combine case processing for internal and external entities, i.e. customer service, document processing, marketing, sales, accounting and ERP. 
A single multichannel capture and service platform for multiple needs: Choose your role — end user, integration partner, software vendor or service provider.
Choose your cloud type
From small businesses to large organizations: Choose your own cloud type

The Cloud, any way you want it.


Join a cloud environment with certified safety and pioneering technology. From the demands of small businesses to large organizations — from standard to custom apps: Find your „all-in-one“ solution in the type of cloud that best meets your needs.

  • Public Cloud: Subscribe to the public WIZEX cloud and choose from a variety of standard business process applications on a "pay-per-use" basis. Alternatively, you can choose one of our Wizex partners to integrate WIZEX services into existing processes or work with service outsourcers. 
  • Corporate Cloud: Apply today and start test-driving WIZEX in the public cloud. Customize your corporate cloud environment and grant authorized business partners, customers and suppliers restricted access through extranet or intranet. 
  • Hybrid Cloud: Operate your own corporate cloud but use the WIZEX public cloud as failover strategy for peak loads.
Choose your service

Run Your Own Capture and Service Enterprise


With WIZEX, your organization benefits from an advanced level of collaboration and transparency with service partners in your BPM or BPO business. Outsource and monitor individual processing steps or your entire case processing — from document scanning to order processing.


Partner Services: Would you like to outsource processing to an external service provider? Find WIZEX service partners for consulting, integration, document scanning, post-processing and contact center services. Search WIZEX Service providers. 


Individual Services: Do you need to connect your existing enterprise applications (CRM, ERP, DMS, ACD and contact routing engines) to your cloud? Talk to our reps about existing WIZEX API and SDK and our international integration partners for custom process integration.  


Professional Services: Do you need help configuring WIZEX? Talk to our reps about international consultancy services and short-term project deliverance at a low price. Standard applications. 


Standard Services: Do you need help choosing from standard Web services and standard mailroom and response applications? Talk to our reps about training sessions and free remote assistance. 

With WIZEX, you will benefit from standardized apps and integration services that make your public cloud as individualized as your processes are.
How to apply

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Access to the cloud is exclusively reserved for businesses. Sign up and reserve your free case volume so you can test WIZEX standard services and applications. No hidden costs or obligations. Why to „cloud“ with WIZEX?

  • Transfer multichannel capture and case processing to the cloud
  • Choose between public, corporate or hybrid operation models
  • Rely on strict data security standards
  • Securely collaborate with service providers in your cloud
  • Monitor operations and adjust workflow in real time
  • Pay as you go, per case
One thing is certain, you won’t find another cloud service like WIZEX. Apply now or talk to a representative.