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Business automation in your DMS, ECM and BPM systems
starts with WIZEX.

WIZEX helps your organization to capture, classify, process and utilize relevant data harvested from paper documents and email, regardless of format or source. Adaptive Web services and modular software solutions provide all essential components of a DMS/ECM system on one secured, integrated cloud platform. WIZEX allows you to perform routine tasks more accurately, faster and more economically. Convert data into knowledge. Your customers, partners and staff will value the difference.  


Business automation in your DMS, ECM and BPM systems 
starts with WIZEX
What it is

Extraction wizard cloud platform


WIZEX is the “extraction wizard cloud platform“ for all of your organization’s text-based business transactions. Simply upload your scanned images, invoices, forms, checks, email and letters securely to your WIZEX. Their content will be converted into usable datasets and automatically processed within your company’s existing applications or database.

A secured cloud solution to smarten up your documents: Upload your scanned images, invoices, forms, checks, email and letters to WIZEX — get usable datasets from their content in return.
How it works
Standardized applications in WIZEX recognize relevant business data and personal information in your documents — regardless of content format (structured or unstructured) or language.

Next generation text analysis


WIZEX represents a new generation of adaptive text analysis software for automating business processes in your mailroom or back office. WIZEX's Web services and enterprise applications analyze and “understand” any uploaded text-based content — regardless of language, structure, source, composition or device.  

Where to use it

Convert content into usable data


Organizations all over the world can benefit from Wizex in a variety of ways, in different settings: 

  • scan2WIZEX: Upload any kind of document to your Wizex cloud using our onsite or smartphone app. Choose from and book various OCR processes..
  • invoice2WIZEX: Preview and book this Web service that instantly captures financial data from your scanned invoices. In return, you get a predefined dataset for your accounting.
  • form2WIZEX: Configure, test and book this Web service that extracts content from forms and applications within hours. 
  • email2WIZEX: Upload your business email and automatically tag its content with relevant keywords. Or use adaptive WIZEX text analytics to classify and route emails internally.
  • doc2WIZEX: Use your WIZEX cloud to accomplish your entire document input management. WIZEX will extract and verify relevant business data.
WIZEX converts any content into usable data.
Benefits for your BPM automation: Analyze text-based content, identify and validate business and personal data, and route to appropriate staff without changing your existing system environment.
Good to know
Need to outsource processing to an external service provider? Upload your tasks and use and monitor certified WIZEX service partners for scanning, post-processing, system integration or consulting.

What you get


Your advantage: WIZEX BPO cloud platform
Do you want to outsource your processing to an external service provider? Find WIZEX service partners for scanning, post-processing, system integration and consulting. 

Everyone's advantage: WIZEX service and distribution model
Do you only want certain services and applications or would you prefer to build your own corporate cloud and custom apps? Whether you are an end user, integration partner, a service provider or vendor, WIZEX is made for you. Choose from a variety of distribution models.


Even more advantages: WIZEX's area of application 

Do you need a SaaS or PaaS solution for processing documents and knowledge? Choose from our standard full-service applications for ECM or customer service: digital mailroom, document management, knowledge management, enterprise search, business process management and workflow management.

Costs & Benefits

Reducing costs and speeding up processes


Using WIZEX, your organization is no longer weighted down by recurring, standard procedures. Instead, your service and support staff is now freed up to focus specifically on challenging individual cases.

  • Automate definable document processing procedures
  • Turn content into usable datasets 
  • Abandon keyword-based processing models 
  • Cut back on costs for admin and process management design
  • No investment in hardware and software required
  • Gain full, real time control over processing times and service levels
  • Monitor performance of service providers
  • No changes to existing document infrastructure required
  • Pay as you go, per transaction
Capture and automate everyday tasks: The ability to distinguish business processes that can be automated from individual service tasks that need the personal attention of a service rep creates an invaluable competitive advantage for your organization.
How to apply
take full advantage of text analytics and content extraction

Take full advantage


If you want to take full advantage of text analytics and content extraction for all your text-based business transactions, stay tuned. Register here to participate in our pilot program and get the latest news about new services and applications released on WIZEX. 

Cloud access is reserved for only businesses only. Get your company’s WIZEX cloud, for free. Talk to a representative today and find out how your organization can benefit from WIZEX.